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DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR MARRIAGE IN AUSTRALIA must be Original Certificates and sighted by your Celebrant prior to Marriage.  You must by law be over the age of 18 years.

NOTICE OF INTENDED MARIAGE FORM (NOIM)  Available from  any Court House in Australia, any Australian Embassy overseas, or from any Marriage Celebrant.  The NOIM may be downloaded from this site  here or

The NOIM Form needs to be in my hands as your Celebrant, no later than one month before the date of your marriage and is only valid for 18 months.

Only one (1) signature is sufficient to be witnessed.  The other can sign in the Celebrant’s presence even if it is 1 hour before the Ceremony.

Requirements in Australia:

The NOIM has to be signed by both parties intending to marry, and be witnessed by either:   

  • An Authorised Marriage Celebrant
  • A Commissioner for Declarations
  • An Australian Justice of the Peace
  • An Australian Barrister or Solicitor
  • An Australian legally qualified Medical Practitioner
  • A Member of the Australian Federal Police
  • A Member of a Police Force of a State or Territory of Australia

Requirements if from Overseas:

The NOIM Form is a legal document, after completion have your signature witnessed in the presence of:

  • An Australian Embassy Official
  • An Australian Consular Officer
  • A Notary Public [Law Firm]

The Official must stamp the document and date it.  If inconvenient for both to travel to Notary Public or Embassy remember only one signature is sufficient.   [Notary Public - couple to ask a Law Firm for a list of Notary Publics in their area.]


  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE OR PASSPORT –   A birth certificate extract is acceptable.  If born overseas, a resident of Australia and unable to produce a Birth Certificate, the Celebrant must sight a Passport, an out of date one is acceptable.
  • PASSPORT – If a visitor to Australia and not an Australian citizen, the Celebrant will need to view your current passport.
  • DIVORCE – If you have been married before, proof of divorce needs to be shown.  Again the original needs to be sighted by the Celebrant.
  • DEATH CERTIFICATE – If widowed, the original death certificate needs to sighted by the Celebrant.
  • CHANGE OF NAME CERTIFICATE – Legal proof of any name change to be obtained from Births, Deaths & Marriages.  Original must be produced.

ARE ALL THE DOCUMENTS IN ENGLISH?  If not, they will need to be officially translated and authorized by a person who is a legally recognized translator.  Celebrant needs to see both the Original Documents and the translated Documents.


Two witnesses over the age of 18 are required on the day of the ceremony for witnessing and signing of the Marriage Register. They may be family or friends, however, they must be able to speak and understand English.

If you are travelling alone, your photographer and/or wedding planner can act as your witnesses otherwise I can arrange for two witnesses to be present. I do ask that you buy them a small gift such as a bottle of wine or box of chocolates as a thank you for attending your ceremony.

My Fee:

My fee is dependent on the date, time, size and location and each ceremony has an individual tailored quote according to your requirement. I also offer a weekday elopement package. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me, quotes are delivered within 24 hours. However, if you live locally, a preliminary meeting, free of charge, is a great idea to discuss your wishes.

Get Acrobat ReaderHaving trouble opening the NIOM Form? >> Get Adobe Reader

Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your Adelaide marriage celebrant. I am privileged to have one of the best jobs in the world. My birth name is Aphrodite "meaning Goddess of Love" making it more significant that I now participate in affirming the union of a loving and committed couple.

I lived in the USA for many years where I worked mostly as an Executive Assistant to Senior Managers in high profile companies and medical colleges. The need to liaise with both my colleagues, senior managers and international academics, made me a very confident and professional speaker.

I have travelled through many countries over the years and the time I spent amongst varying cultures has given me a fondness and respect for the differences we all have in our beliefs and values, and naturally the rituals that follow them.

Upon my return to Australia I embarked on a career as a fashion retailer and assistant designer based in Adelaide, South Australia. Since 2008 I have been totally immersed in my profession as a full time marriage celebrant which continues to be the most uplifting and happiest work I could have possibly pursued.